Cedric Wong
Buying or selling a home is a major and daunting decision, you will need a resourceful Realtor who is on your side and correctly guide you through the entire experience. Cedric Wong was raised in this world-renowned city and possessed a wealth of knowledge with his years of real estate experience and market pulse for the Vancouver market. He is also an active investor with a sizable real estate portfolio, offering a business-savvy perspective for your real estate investment. Aside from the knowledge, equally important if not more, is someone that you can trust. From his 10 years of Wall Street investment bank experience, Cedric Wong has honed his hard-working discipline, professionalism, and integrity, molding him into a capable and reliable team member to work with. He is a professional whom you can count on. Cedric Wong is also a great resource as you prepare your child for school, since he studied in Canada from elementary school to university, and holds a Master’s Degree from New York Columbia University. 买卖房子是一项重大的决定,所以你需要一个有本领的房地产经纪,并且可以正确引导你完成整个过程。 黄智超拥有多年房地产经验。在温哥华土生土长的他也把握了敏锐的市场脉搏。他是一个活跃的房产投资者,拥有多栋房物业,可以为你提供专业的投资意见。 除了知识,更重要的是,他是一个你可以完全信任的伙伴。 从他在华尔街投资银行10年经验,黄智超磨练了他勤奋的态度,敬业精神和诚信。他是一个专业、能干和可靠的合作伙伴。 如果你想跟子女学业铺路,黄智超也可以给你宝贵意见。他在加拿大上小、中、大学,和在美国著名大学接受专上教育。黄智超毕业于美国常春藤哥伦比亚大学硕士